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If you’ve ever used a jigsaw before, you might be familiar with the fact that it’s notoriously difficult to perfectly cut along a straight line. But there is an easy way to do dead straight cuts, that doesn’t require a lot of practice at all! Mark the start and end points of your cut, that you would normally connect using a straight line. Now take your jigsaw and place the blade right where you would cut into the wood. Now take a piece of wood that is perfectly straight and clamp it to the board you want to cut, touching the metal frame surrounding the bottom of your jigsaw. Repeat the same process on the other side Now start cutting with your jigsaw along the clamped piece of wood using it as a guiding fence. Make sure to always apply a slight pressure towards the track though, to really keep the saw on track! This trick works perfectly for circular saws too btw 🙂
Follow these easy steps to really step up your woodworking game!

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