Plastic or Wood – Woodworking Marker DIY  [4K]

Plastic or Wood – Woodworking Marker DIY [4K]

I have one 3D printed “woodworking marker” that I use in my workshop. This tool has caught the attention of some of my followers. I thought I could do the same with wood. I started with a solid piece of wood. First I made it to the dimensions I wanted. I used planer and bandsaw. Then I shaped it by looking at the dimension PDF document I prepared. It is possible to use this #woodworkingmarker for 90 degree and 45 degree angles. It is also possible to make error-free markings. After you download the PDF document, you can easily do it by looking at the dimensions. I think I like the wooden one more. Which one do you prefer? The 3D printed plastic one or the wood woodworking marker?

You can find all dimensions in the pdf document.
➤PDF (dimensions-plan) download page :

➤Tools/Supplies Used :
Sanding Machine :
Countersink Drill Bit :
Spring Clamp :

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3 Wood working Tricks / Tips..

3 Wood working Tricks / Tips..

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In This Video I Will Show You 3 Tricks Used By Carpenter. This Tricks Are Very Useful in Wood Working.This Trick Reduces Many Of Our Problems When We Work On Wood. If You Like This Video Then Click On Like And Subscribe My Channel.

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70 Days To Build A Ferrari GTO 250 The Most Expensive Car In The World For My Son

70 Days To Build A Ferrari GTO 250 The Most Expensive Car In The World For My Son

70 Days Build Ferrari GTO 250 In Exchange For A Real Mercedes For My Son
#ferrari #mercedes #buildcar
0:32 – 1:50: chassis and engine manufacturing
1:51 – 3:00: install wood on the undercarriage to create the body
3:01 – 3:52: use a hand-held chainsaw to pose Ferrari GTO 250
3:53 – 6:30: Use a small hand-held circular saw to shape the body Ferrari
6:31 – 7:08: Smooth the body of the car with a disc scrubber
7:09 – 7:37: Use chisels to carve and remove excess parts, small details on the car
7:38 – 9:42: Install details around the car such as: air vents, license plates, exhaust pipes, mirrors, seats…
9:43 – 10:12: spray paint on the car Ferrari GTO 250
10:13 – 11:16: install car lights, wipers, glass…
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Stone Age Wood Working Tools Built, Tested and Explained

Stone Age Wood Working Tools Built, Tested and Explained

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This video is the precursor to the Stone age bow building video. Ryan Gill of HuntPrimitive builds, tests, demonstrates and explains various primitive and stone age wood working tools. The good, the bad, and the impractical.

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I Tried Wood Working and Everything Went Horribly Wrong in Vrkshop VR!

I Tried Wood Working and Everything Went Horribly Wrong in Vrkshop VR!

Welcome to Vrkshop VR! Let’s add this to the long list of things I’m too stupid to do after my YouTube channel dies off! Vrkshop is a VR woodworking game. You are challenged to build projects with hand tools without snap-to-guides or limits on how to cut or fasten the lumber. The precision of your project is left entirely up to you. Have fun. Be productive.


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