In this video i will show you the top 6 beginner diy wood working techniques.

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Diy tools, materials and equipment used :

Hand Saw :
Miter Box : MUST HAVE
Miter Box : ( With Back Saw )
Coping Saw :
Japanese Pull Saw :
Claw Hammer :
Combination Square : VERY HANDY
Tape Measure : ( Imperial & Metric )
Quick Clamp : VERY USUFULL
Utility Knife :
Hand Drill :
Corded Drill : ( New Version )
Corded Drill : ( Cheaper Drill )
Cordless Drill :
Cordless Drill : ( Cheaper Drill )
Multi Screw Driver :
Vise : ( Clamp On ) ESSENTIAL TOOL
Block Plane :
Spokeshave :
Chisels :

Professional tools materials and equipment :

Hand Saw :
Japanese Pull Saw :
Coping Saw :
Claw Hammer :
Combination Square :
Cordless Drill :
Quick Clamp :
Chisels :
Block Plane :
Spoke Shave :

0:00 intro
how to cut wood straight 0:19
how to screw wood 5:23
how to glue wood 11:50
how to make something square 17:11
how to divide a board evenly 19:59
how to find the center of a circle 23:18

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In this video David from Davids Diy shows you how to use the top 6 beginner diy wood working techniques.

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