Shape up Wood and Other Materials with Belt Sanders
A belt sander is used for shaping and finishing wood and other materials. It consists of an electric motor that has a rotating sanding belt. These sander machines may be handheld and moved over material or stationary where the material is moved to the belt. These belt sanders are ideal for working on a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, plastic, or metal, particularly suitable for large surfaces. For these types of works, a stable and firm bench sander should be used. One can use a precise and compact belt sander for faster and better sanding.

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These sanders are the power tools that must be handled carefully. Follow these steps for the safe use of these belt sanders:

— Cover the face with a face shield and wear glasses or goggles
— For dusty operations wear a dust respirator
–Turn off the sander before connecting to the power supply
–Before changing a sanding belt or emptying dust collector, disconnect the power supply
— Inspect the belts before using and replace worn and frayed belts
–Use the belts with the same widths as the pulley drum
–To keep the belt running at the same speed, adjust the sanding belt tension
— Keep hands away from a sanding belt
–Use both hands to operate sanders
–Keep the cords clear of the sanding area
–Clean the dust on motor and vents at regular intervals

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