I have one 3D printed “woodworking marker” that I use in my workshop. This tool has caught the attention of some of my followers. I thought I could do the same with wood. I started with a solid piece of wood. First I made it to the dimensions I wanted. I used planer and bandsaw. Then I shaped it by looking at the dimension PDF document I prepared. It is possible to use this #woodworkingmarker for 90 degree and 45 degree angles. It is also possible to make error-free markings. After you download the PDF document, you can easily do it by looking at the dimensions. I think I like the wooden one more. Which one do you prefer? The 3D printed plastic one or the wood woodworking marker?

You can find all dimensions in the pdf document.
➤PDF (dimensions-plan) download page : http://www.greensawdiy.com/woodworking-marker.html

➤Tools/Supplies Used :
Sanding Machine : https://youtu.be/lM-V20zzfjQ
Countersink Drill Bit : https://youtu.be/eVBJWfIlPWw
Spring Clamp : https://youtu.be/QHrzPgwZsSI

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