Woodworking Bandsaws For Sale

Woodworking Bandsaws For Sale

If you are in the market for a new woodworking bandsaw, then you have a few options to consider. You can purchase a resaw, a retooling saw, or a power state bandsaw. All three of these can be useful tools to have in your shop. However, it is important to know which one you need.

1. Laguna Tools

When it comes to woodworking bandsaws for sale, Laguna Tools’ line of high-quality machines delivers on every front. From the standard high/low resaw fence to the high-tech variable speed electric conveyor, this machine packs a hefty punch. In addition, a solid cast iron table and cast iron flywheels help assure long-lasting performance.

The LT24x24 is one of the best-selling small-sized bandsaws on the market. It is designed to handle a wide variety of stock with no fuss or bother, a feature that is especially important for scroll work. Also, the LT24x24 boasts two feet of resawing capacity, which is helpful for large bowl blanks. Designed to be robust and user-friendly, this bandsaw is built for the rigors of professional cutting.

While the LT24x24 may not be the first choice of many woodworkers, it will not disappoint. This model features a sturdy steel frame, a heavy-duty cast iron table, and a solid cast iron flywheel, all of which make it one of the toughest saws in its class. And, when you are ready to upgrade to a bigger and better model, the LT18 is a great choice. With the larger table and increased throat capacity, this saw is a step up from its predecessor, the LT16 HD.

The LT24x24’s ostensive-sized table can handle wood without obstructing the blade and has a nice-sized base to help keep the dust down. One of the most impressive parts of this model is the included variable-speed electric conveyor, which is capable of returning stock for repeat cuts.

The LT24x24’s high/low resaw fence is also impressive. It is a high/low resaw with geared trunions and an EZ tension indicator. Besides, the resaw has an 18.75″ capacity, which is quite the feat for such a small saw. Additionally, the resaw features a carbide-tipped tooth, which is a must for any resaw. As a bonus, the LT24x24 is manufactured in Italy, a country that is well known for its quality woodworking machinery.

The LT24x24’s other highlights include a micro-polished 21 X 16″ table and a 1 3/4 HP TEFC Motor. Unlike other bandsaws, it uses a counterbalanced gas spring, which makes the job of adjusting the blade tension a cinch. Another cool thing about the LT24x24 is the patented Space Age Technology, which helps improve its performance by way of a worm gear mechanism that helps transmit manual elevation of the saw wheels to the motor via a cleverly hidden lever. Finally, the LT24x24’s most ostentatious feature is its tiniest surprise: the LT24x24’s oversized, LED-lit, front-mounted resaw display.

2. Powerstate

The Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL(tm) Compact Band Saw is the lightest, fastest cutting band saw on the market. With the POWERSTATE(tm) brushless motor, the saw delivers a 30% faster cut rate than other cordless models and offers 3X longer tool life. It also features REDLINK PLUS(tm) Intelligence for optimized performance. This technology delivers superior electronics, including a rafter hook for easy storage, a variable speed trigger for maximum control, and an LED work light to maximize visibility.

This is a versatile tool with multiple functions, and the balanced body design gives it a comfortable grip for users. It also comes with a number of innovative features, such as vibration dampening, a hanging hook for easy storage, and protection from overload. For maximum productivity, the band saw includes a tool-free locking adjustable shoe.

Another unique feature of the M12 FUEL(tm) band saw is the proprietary composite material, which is designed to absorb impacts and protect against drops. In addition, the saw features a rafter hook, so it is easier to store in between cuts. Also included is an integrated LED light to illuminate the cutting area, and Jobsite Armor Technology to absorb impact. These features make the M12 FUEL(tm) the ideal tool for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike.

The Milwaukee M12 FUEL(tm) Cordless Deep Cut Band Saw provides a consistent and powerful cut, and it is easy to use. In fact, it uses over 90% of the same parts as a corded deep-cut band saw, resulting in a fast, accurate, and reliable cut. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a unique REDLINK PLUS(tm) Intelligence system, which provides overload protection and optimizes performance. As the most advanced cordless power tool electronics system, REDLINK PLUS(tm) intelligence provides total system communication between tool and battery, so it can automatically adjust to different applications.

The new M12 FUEL(tm) compact band saw also features integrated blade covers, which provide added protection to the blades. Other features include a tool-free locking adjustable shoe, which allows the user to adjust the angle of the blade while in use, and a variable speed trigger for maximum control. When it comes to performance, the M12 FUEL(tm) cuts faster than other 18V and 20V cordless band saws. And it comes with a high-performance REDLITHIUM(tm) XC 4.0 ah battery, and an XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack, which provides more runtime and more work.

The Milwaukee M12 FUEL(tm) Deep Cut Band Saw is also equipped with a 4.2-degree oscillation angle, which allows the user to cut more material with each pass. Combined with the POWERSTATE(tm) Brushless Motor and Constant Power Technology, the saw offers consistent cut speed and power, requiring less maintenance. Along with a variable speed trigger, the saw also offers more control and is easier to operate. Because it is built to last, the M12 FUEL(tm) deep-cut band saw is the best choice for professionals or do-it-yourselfers who have demanding projects.

3. Resaw

If you’re looking for a resaw that’s a cut above the rest, you’re in luck. In fact, a good resaw will do the job of two saws. Resawing a board allows you to transform it into thinner, wider pieces. This makes it possible to cut thin sheets of veneer, as well as turn logs into lumber. The process requires some skill, though, and you can learn how to resaw effectively with a bandsaw.

The S 640P is a resaw bandsaw that’s a beast of a machine. Its features include the usual: a large cast iron table, blade guides to keep the blade from deflecting, and a trunnion support to hold the table in place. All in all, this is a top-of-the-line saw that’s perfect for the shop or the home shop. There are a variety of power options, including the 9hp model, which can handle the heaviest of resawing jobs.

It also has a large manual saw wheel elevation mechanism, which makes micrometric adjustments to ensure a smooth and precise movement. Those who don’t want to do their own maintenance can rely on the saw’s built-in inverter. Moreover, it has a large handle that makes blade tension adjustment easier than ever.

Aside from its impressive features, the S 640P has a few cool tricks up its sleeve. It has an air-over-oil system that’s been designed to help you control thickness. And it’s got a large trunnion support that can help hold your table in place for a smooth resawing experience.

Other features to look out for on the S 640P include a heavy-duty cast iron pedestal base, a dual position 6″ tall resaw attachment, and a precision ground cast iron fence. Among its other niceties are a rack-and-pinion dual ball bearing guide and a stout steel frame. Lastly, its resawing capabilities are on the upswing. With a maximum cutting width of 24″, this saw can make the most of its size. However, if you’re resawing a lot of wide lumber, it might be a better idea to get a larger model, such as the S 540P.

The most important thing to remember about a resaw is that you need to choose one with a large enough blade. This is important because a thicker blade will enable the bandsaw to resaw more wood with less effort. You also need to find a blade with a decently wide kerf. That’s because a wider kerf means that the blade will clear more sawdust. Another trick is to choose a saw with a worm gear mechanism, which transmits the motor’s motor rotational speed to the blade.

While it may seem that the S 640P is the best resaw on the market, there are a few other notable bandsaws to consider. For example, the South Bend SB1080 is a great resaw that features a stout steel frame, rack-and-pinion dual ball bearing guides, and dual dust ports. On top of all this, the company’s quick-release blade tension is a plus.