ShopNotes Podcast

ShopNotes Podcast

The ShopNotes Podcast is a great way to get into the business world, or just keep up on the latest trends. It’s an hour-long podcast that is recorded live each week. You can listen to it on demand, or you can subscribe to the magazine so that you never miss an episode.


ShopNotes podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the woodworking world. It is hosted by Active Interest Media, which is not affiliated with Podbay. This podcast offers a number of topics ranging from woodworking techniques to shop-made tools. The hosts discuss their tool-making successes and misses.

This week the guys are joined by Chris Fitch, Creative Director of Woodsmith Magazine. Chris is also the star of the Woodsmith Shop television show. He shares his CNC experience in the woodworking industry and gives a great overview of how you can use a router-powered CNC in your own woodworking shop. Plus, they talk about their shop-made hand tools, and John talks about his tool-buying strategies.

For a free plan on making the best sawhorses ever, visit the website. You can also download the newest issue of ShopNotes magazine. Four issues are delivered each year. They cover all aspects of the hobby of woodworking, and there are free plans for many of the tools found in them.