Woodturning is simply the art of making a symmetrical, rounded shape on the vertical shaft of a woodcrafter’s wood lathe. Woodturners use a variety of tools to accomplish these results. Wood turning is similar to turning a canvas, the end result is a masterpiece of artistic expression that some would argue is better than a photograph.

Woodturners have developed a wide range of tools for their trade over many centuries. Woodturning itself has evolved from simple hand turnery to include complex machines such as the wood lathe and wood bowl. Woodturners can turn ordinary pieces of woods into bowls, cups, and even tiles. Wood turning is often considered the first art form in the world. Although there are many different types of woodturning available today it still thrives in rural areas where wood is readily available.

Wood Turning Basics Woodturners will need a variety of tools for most basic woodturning projects. A planer is a tool that enables a woodturner to draw circles, squares and other shapes on a wooden surface with stationary arms. The cutting edge of a planer is typically made from diamond or stainless steel. Wood carving tools include gouges and knives, saws with blades, and chisels. Woodturners may also work with various kinds of hollowing tools, including those used to create a bowl or other holding device.

Wood Lathe Wood turners will also need a variety of tools for their wood lathe. A table saw is one of the most important tools that a woodturner will own. It is usually powered by an electric motor with a cord connected to the handle. Other important tools include claw-foot spindles, drill presses, Sanders, and hand tools for turning bowls and other shapes.

Wood Turning Accessories Woodworking projects often require the use of a variety of woodworking tools and accessories. Wood rubbing abrasives are one of these accessories. Wood rubbing abrasives are usually water-based, but may also be oil-based. Wood rubbing abrasives are excellent choices for honing wood surfaces, such as bowls and other holding devices. Wood rubbing abrasives are also excellent choices for polishing furniture and other woodworking projects.

Wood Lathe and Woodturning Supplies Woodturners need a variety of supplies to complete woodworking projects. Some of the basic supplies that a woodturner will need include: a table saw, a few jigs, a few drill bits, wood rubbing paper, sandpaper, hand tools for turning and other hand tools for working, such as chisels, etc. A workbench is another important item a woodturner will need. A work bench can be purchased from most hardware stores. Woodworking hand tools are often rented instead of bought. Woodworking hand tools are also often purchased second-hand from different vendors throughout the country.

Woodturning Demonstration This class covers all the basic topics needed to become a successful woodturner. The first thing that students learn in this class is how to turn on the saw and read the manual. Woodturning tools such as routers and chisels are introduced. Students learn to measure for plans and read woodworking books. Plans for woodturnings and projects are shown through pictures. In addition to learning how to make simple woodturnings, students will be shown the fundamentals of woodworking such as woodworking terminology, woodworking terms, woodturning tools and techniques, and projects.

Woodworking DVD This DVD class is ideal for someone who wants to take a simple step by step approach to woodturning. Woodworkers and enthusiasts gather on a regular basis to share information, tips and secrets about woodworking hand tools and projects. Woodworking DVDs are available from numerous sources. Most woodworking DVDs will provide all the material needed to perform the project or just some of the material. However, some woodworking instructional DVD’s will provide every item necessary to turn a wooden piece of wood. This option is usually the best for the beginner as well as experienced wood turners.

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