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Did you know that there does exist a type of drill bit, which is going to change your woodworking game forever? Regular drills have the disadvantage of increasing inaccuracies when trying to drill at a certain point and most notably you will most likely damage the wood around the top of the drill hole.
To get a better and more accurate drilling experience, I highly recommend using Boring Bits, also called Spur Point bits instead of traditional ones. The spike at the drilling end makes it possible for you to fix your bit accurately in the desired drilling position. But more important than that is the fact, that your drilled holes will look cleaner than ever before, by using this ingenious property of the Spur Point Bit: Instead of drilling directly into the wood, reverse your rotation direction at first and press into the wood. After that, turn your rotation direction around again and start drilling. The hole you will get will be extremely smooth, which becomes even more apparent if you use this technique on hard wood types.

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