Top 5 woodworking projects that sell. In this video I discuss how to make money woodworking. These are my top 5 best selling woodworking projects. I also talk about how to price your woodworking projects. I’ve been woodworking for over three years now and these are the best selling woodworking projects in my area. Theses are generally fast selling woodworking projects. I have some small woodworking projects that sell. I also have big woodworking projects that sell. If you are starting a woodworking business these items will sell well in most areas. If you are trying to make money woodworking consider making furniture and home decor. These woodworking projects can be made with basic tools to help you make money woodworking. Can you make money woodworking? I have been able to make money selling my woodworking projects consistently over the last several years. I hope this information helps you make money woodworking too.

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5 MORE Woodworking Projects that Sell:
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Time stamps to jump to the projects in the video above:

0:00 Intro
1:13 Project 1 Stove Cover
2:25 Project 2 End Tables
3:38 Project 3 Coffee Tables
4:36 Project 4 Console Table / TV Stands
6:30 Project 5: Indoor Dog Kennel
8:28 Recommended Tools:
10:30 Pricing Your Woodworking Projects:

*Individual Projects That Sell*
Coffee Table:
Indoor Dog Kennel:
Stove Cover:
Console Table:
End Table:

*Tools I recommend*
Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig:
Kreg R3 Pocket Hole Jig:
Drill/Impact Combo:
36″ Clamp:

Camera Equipment Used for Videos:
Canon M50

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