Wood is a soft and porous structural tissue present in both the roots and stems of trees and other woody plant materials. Wood is a form of living material which has been used for furniture, flooring, decks, buildings, bridges, cabinets, doors, shelves, gates, train tables, wardrobes and many other applications. Wood is also a renewable resource, as it is possible to harvest, collect, and process wood in a number of ways. Wood is also a renewable and recyclable material; the process of how wood is recycled is known as wood processing and there are a number of wood processing industries based around the world.

Wood is the primary source of pulp which is made from the wood pulp of trees. Wood pulp is processed into various products including paper, cement, hardwood flooring, paint, sealants, shampoos, cosmetics, medicines and mineral oil. Wood is used for a variety of applications because of its versatility, availability and affordability. Wood can be used to build homes, for outdoor furniture, decks, fences, industrial panels, ships, cabinets, storage buildings, decks and palaces, and even industrial machinery.

Wood has been widely used for constructing outdoor buildings such as barns, houses, shops, and buildings made of soft wood such as pine. Wood has also been used for constructing indoor buildings such as homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, condominiums, shopping malls and multinational corporations. Wood has been the material of choice for constructing most of the commercial and institutional buildings that exist today. Wood’s wide applications make it a very durable and cost-effective building material.

Wood construction is preferred by most of the building sector, as it requires low maintenance, is eco-friendly, and has a high strength to weight ratio. Wood is an excellent construction material because of its flexibility, lightweight, durability and resistance to pests, weather and decay. Wood can also be customized and engineered for specific building requirements. Wood is also quite cheap compared to other materials such as concrete and steel, and it requires a lower percentage of steel for its foundation. Wood does not require many repairs and maintenance activities unlike concrete, and it lasts longer than most other materials such as aluminum.

Wood has a higher density than softwood and it is resistant to temperature changes. Wood is considered to be stronger and more durable than softwood and it is resistant to insects like termites, rot, fungi, and molds. Wood is known to expand and contract during exposure to sunlight and heat. Wood’s ability to expand or contract depends on the degree of humidity and temperature. Wood’s chemical makeup differs from that of softwood does not have the same amount of cellulose. Wood’s chemical makeup is similar to that of cotton fibres; it is water soluble in nature and does not absorb moisture, making it a good choice for a building material that is not affected by moisture.

Wood grows slowly and usually reaches a mature size of between five to seven feet in height, with a coarse to fine texture. Wood’s color ranges from a light brown, almost transparent to a dark brown color, and its grain can be sawed or filed. Wood can be conveniently stained, painted, varnished or left natural and its durability makes it ideal for outdoor furniture. Wood is available in different quality grades and it is usually cheaper to buy hardwoods than softwoods.

Softwoods are lighter than hardwoods and are more elastic. Wood can be easily moulded into attractive shapes and its grain does not have as fine ridges as that of hardwoods. Wood is usually cheaper than hardwoods and is available in various quality grades. Wood is the number one choice for the manufacture of flooring materials. It can be purchased from most home improvement shops.

Hardwood trees are very rare and it takes a long time for them to grow. As such, the price of hardwood timber is higher than softwood timber. Hardwoods trees are also suitable for furniture making. Wood is also preferred by the majority when it comes to flooring materials.

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