Woodwork can be broadly divided into two major categories: housework and furniture. Housework usually refers to all the arrangements that are required for the upkeep of a home. These could include such things as putting up roofs, flooring, guttering, windows and doors. Furniture on the other hand is much more specific, with furniture design, construction, upholstery, painting and carpentering coming into the picture. Furniture also incorporates the many devices used for making tables, chairs, shelving and other household goods.

Woodwork is a craft and hobby that have been around for centuries. Woodwork in itself has various forms, like cabinet-making, furniture-making, book-making and woodcarving. Modern technology too has added to the proliferation of woodwork as technology has enabled woodworking machines to make intricate products in a fraction of the time it would take an individual. Woodwork can be art and also practical.

Woodworking projects can range from small projects such as a stool or a set of chairs to larger projects such as a full size table or a chair. Woodwork can be made from many types of wood and materials. The most commonly used woodworking tools are a large pair of chopsticks, a level and a table knife, a hammer, pliers and a tape measure. Some of the most common woodworking hardware include utility knife, a screw gun and a putty knife. All these items are easily available in hardware stores.

Wood carving is mainly done in the form of a figure, usually a man or a woman, but it can also be animals or symbols. Carving requires patience and skill, wood working tools used for this process are chisels, planers and knives. Wood carving is an art form. The carving might take several hours, sometimes days to complete the carving.

Hardwoods are the preferred hardwood for outdoor projects such as benches. Hardwoods are dense and strong. This quality makes hardwoods suitable for the bench construction. Other kinds of woods that are commonly used for bench construction are maple, oak, teak, ash, birch and pine. Hardwoods are not the only source of hardwood for benches; softwoods such as bamboo, pine and rosewood are also used.

Softwoods are much lighter than hardwoods. These woods are easily worked and are usually used for delicate outdoor projects. Most softwoods are less expensive than hardwoods. Some of the popular softwoods used for outdoor projects are redwood, cedar, white pine, bamboo, elm, redwood, sassafras and rosewood. Hardwoods are more expensive than softwoods.

The texture of the wood also plays an important role in the durability and weather resistance. The texture can be rough, medium and smooth. Rough texture provides a rugged, rustic appearance. Medium texture has a soft natural appearance that is best suited for lighter applications. Smooth is ideal for applications requiring a more decorative, elegant look. Choosing the right type of wood is important to ensure durability and long lasting beauty.

Woodwork projects require precision cutting and must be made using appropriate hand tools and power tools. The basic power tools used for wood carving include; hand saws, band saws, routers, grinders, planers, grinder and table saws. Hand tools include; chisels, drills, grinders and Sanders. Power tools include; chainsaw, table saw, power drill and battery powered saws.

Wood carving techniques include detailed, intricate and detailed cuts. Shapes are carved out by using accurate angles and measuring tools. Pieces of wood are prepared for carving using special tools and processes such as sanding and finishing. Finishing techniques include using chemicals such as varnish and paint to seal and protect wood. Pieces are then ready to be carved. Projects may consist of small, intricate items such as portraits or figurines, or large items such as furniture or wreaths.

Most woodcarving projects are custom made. It is up to the chapter how much detail and accuracy they want from their project. Some projects, such as jewelry and clothing designs, may not be able to be carved accurately. Custom woodcarving offers a unique opportunity to show your creativity. It also allows you to serve as a designer for others.

Woodwork projects provide a great way for crafters to spend time with family and friends while creating something beautiful. Many crafters choose to share their project designs with others who enjoy their craft. They often take part in woodworking groups, which are like online clubs that allow them to trade ideas and share their knowledge. Woodwork is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby for anyone who enjoys the process of making things.