Woodworking is an activity or hobby of creating things out of wood, which includes furniture making (including bed frames, cabinets, chairs, tables, and more), woodcarving, woodturning, joinery, woodworking, jewelry, and pottery. Woodworking can be done for fun or profit; however, all woodworkers need a place to practice their art or hobby. Woodcrafters should consider looking at and buying from a local woodworking store, which has everything they need in one convenient location.

Woodcrafters and woodturners have gatherings and events to share their craft and information, such as conventions and annual meetings. Woodcrafters gather to exchange ideas, make tools together, and network with other woodworkers. Woodcrafters have various clubs, associations, and societies within the United States and Canada. Woodcrafters guilds are formed by professional woodcrafters who belong to a local or international Woodworkers’ guild. Woodcrafters guilds often have standard forms of membership, such as shopkeepers and members of the local Woodturners’ Association, which have elected leaders who represent the interests of the members in terms of collective bargaining and decision making.

Woodcrafters meet every Tuesday at the Woodworkers’ Hall in Chicago’s Woodruff Crafts and Garden Center, for a monthly meeting called The Woodcrafters Hall Meeting. This is a free event, but you must bring your project for presentation. Presentations are usually about 50% woodworking related, with a focus on projects and teaching woodcrafters how to turn their projects into works of art. On this Tuesdays, we will discuss a wide range of projects and teach people how to turn their projects into beautiful furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Woodcrafters are often found in organizations or clubs, such as the Woodworkers of America (WAHA), which is a professional organization for professional woodcrafters. Woodworkers of all skill levels to attend the meetings of the Woodcrafters’ Club of the USA or the Woodcrafters of Ontario, which is similar to the Woodworkers of American. Woodcrafters from around the world attend these meetings, especially those from Germany, Italy, Spain, India, and China. These meetings are cordial and informative, as well as fun.

Woodcrafters learn how to make simple tools, such as lathes, saws, planers, hand tools, pliers, screwdrivers, etc. Woodworkers can attend a beginners’ Woodcrafters club, where they can learn the basics of woodworking and lathe work. Other woodworkers clubs exist, such as the International Woodworkers Association (IWA), which is an international organization of woodworkers who share information, tools and shop discussions. Woodworkers from all around the world can participate. They have many tools, books and publications that they can borrow or buy, which have articles about woodcrafters and other topics of interest.

Woodcrafters have their own publications and newsletters available to them, which is mailed to members on a regular basis. To be a full member of a guild or shop, one must belong for at least six months and sign an agreement of one year membership. Woodworkers have meetings held once a month, quarterly, or yearly, depending on the size of the local woodworkers’ union or guild. Woodworkers’ meetings are held in someone’s home or a venue chosen by the guild.

Woodcrafters’ meetings can be as informal or formal as the members want them to be. The Woodworkers’ Guild meetings held in someone’s home are called “barbeques.” Formal meetings are called “meeting of the board,” and involve the membership of a shop or a union of woodworkers. Woodworkers who want to expand their business can seek approval for a franchise or partnership with a local woodworkers guild.

Woodworking courses and programs are available from the county woodworkers’ association of the state. The certification process varies from state to state. Woodworking courses are available through technical colleges, community colleges, universities, vocational schools, and through private technical colleges. Woodworking is not a profession that can be picked up on a whim; anyone interested in this craft must have certain skills and knowledge. Learning to be a woodworker takes time, study, experience, and patience.

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